Purple Tea

Kericho Gold Purple Tea
Luxury silken pouch- A unique and sought after tea, with a distinct taste and colour from the gentle...
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The beauty of purple tea is not limited to its color, and it is a product that offers numerous health benefits to consumers. Apart from culinary usage, purple tea benefits also include the manufacturing of Ayurvedic medicines. The tea's soothing taste will help you get rid of lethargy and fatigue at the end of the day. High levels of antioxidants present in Kenya purple tea will help you rejuvenate your brain and purify your body's cells.

The best part about the Purple tea online by Kericho Gold is that it does not include sugar or any added chemicals. You will get exotic beverages prepared from 100% natural and herbal ingredients. Unlike all other traditional herbal teas, the purple tea is known to be healthier than green tea. Get ready to relieve all stress and tension at the end of the day by having a soothing cup by ordering online purple tea Kenya by Kericho Gold.